Clayton wins only local race in Phelps County primary election

Incumbent Associate Circuit Judge Kenneth G. Clayton retained his position in the only local race for Phelps County voters, defeating challenger Andrew Russek. Only 6,878 registered voters out of 29,125 voted in the August primary election, with 23.62 percent of voters participating.

Clayton received 3,971 votes to Russek’s 1,258 for Associate Judge Division 1 and Probate. Clayton will retain the seat as no Democrat filed for the seat, so it was decided in the primary.

Other county offices on the ballot were all running unopposed. Incumbent Circuit Judge John D. Beger was unopposed for the Division 2 seat and received 4,744 votes.

Current District 1 Phelps County Commissioner Joey Auxier ran unopposed for the seat of Presiding Commission in the primary, receiving 4,721. Current Presiding Commissioner Randy Verkamp is not seeking reelection.

Marlaina Wallace ran unopposed for the office of Circuit Court Clerk and received 4,607 votes. Incumbent Sonja Childers is not seeking reelection.

For County Clerk, Laura Johnson was unopposed in the Republican primary and claimed 4,611 votes. Incumbent Pamela K. Grow is not seeking reelection.

Incumbent Recorder of Deeds Robin Kordes received 4,730 votes and ran unopposed for her seat.

Incumbent Prosecuting Attorney Brendon Fox received 4,671 votes in the Republican primary and was running unopposed for the seat.

Faith Barnes, incumbent, was unopposed for reelection to her seat, receiving 4,727 votes.

Cathy Tipton also ran unopposed for the office of County Treasurer, receiving 4,625 votes. Incumbent Carol Green is not seeking reelection.

As this was a Missouri Primary, there were different ballots available, one for each of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Constitution parties, along with a non-partisan ballot. 

In other races on the Republican ballot, there were 21 candidates for U.S. Senator and two for State Auditor. On the Democratic ballot, there were 11 candidates for U.S. Senator and one for State Auditor.

U.S. Senatorial candidate Eric Schmitt received the highest number of votes in Phelps County with 2,309 votes. He also won the state with a total of 298,852 votes, or 45.7 percent of the total cast. On the Democrat party side, Lucas Kunce claimed the most county votes with 542 and 140,953 state-wide, but lost to Trudy Busch Valentine who received 158,583 total votes. Libertarian Jonathan Dine was unopposed for the party and received 13 Phelps County votes. Paul Venable, of the Constitution Party, was also unopposed and received 2 county votes.

In the State Auditor race, Scott Fitzpatrick received the most votes in Phelps County with 1,715 votes and the state with 378,275 (64.7 percent). Democrat Alan Green was unopposed for the Democrat Party nomination. He claimed 1,190 votes in Phelps County. Libertarian John A. Hartwig Jr. also ran unopposed and received 14 votes in the county.

Incumbent Eighth District United States Representative Jason Smith received 4,624 votes in the county. He was running against Jacob Turner, who received 815 votes in the primary.

Democrat Randi McCallin was unopposed for the that party and received 1,205 local votes. Libertarian Jim Higgins ran unopposed for his party and claimed 14 local votes.

For the Missouri Senate 16th District incumbent Senator Justin Brown received the most local votes with 2,855 against challenger Suzie Pollack in the Republican primary. Pollock received 2,624 county votes and Brown edged out the state-wide vote 10,978 to 10,594.

Democrat Tara Anura was unopposed for the party nomination, receiving 1,200 Phelps County votes.

Tara Peters won the Republican nomination for the newly created District 122 seat in the Missouri House of Representatives. Peters received 2,626 local votes, with challenger Randy K. Barr receiving 1,652.

Democrat Lisa McCarthy was unopposed in the Democrat primary, receiving 1,060 county votes.

Incumbent State Representative for District 143 Bennie Cook won the Republican primary against challengers Christopher Davis and Philip Lohmann for the party nomination. Cook received 425 county votes against Davis who received 282 and Lohmann who received 209. Cook received 4,041 state-wide votes for the seat.

Bernadette Holzer ran unopposed for the Democrat nomination, receiving 169 local votes.