Caring Center in dire need of assistance

    The St. James Caring Center Commodity Day has hit a critical point with food distribution. Shortages at the Columbia Food Bank tricked down to our location the past two months. Our distribution warehouse is empty. Below is a statement from the Food Bank verify our situation.  

    The St. James Caring Center contacted the Food Bank inquiring if there is a chance of receiving additional food. Unfortunately, it not an option. Only other alternative is to contact our Community Partners requesting food drives. Should you choose to make a monetary donation, we would be happy to do the shopping for you! Most needed items: canned green beans, corn, peas, and potatoes; cereal; canned meats—tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, spam, etc.; mac and cheese; spaghetti sauces, Spaghetti O’s, ravioli, etc. Kid Food!
    “As you’ve likely noticed, The Food Bank is experiencing fluctuating supply just like the rest of our community. In most cases, that means disruptions in the amount and predictability of the foods we receive, especially canned and shelf-stable product.” - Grace Kroll, Director of Programs, The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri
    In July we distributed food, hygiene products and cleaning supplies to 256 families. Let’s calculate this…256 families x four people (average) in the household = 1024 individuals receiving assistance. Population of St. James 4,053. That equals 25 percent of the population being served.
    People do not always understand the magnitude of the St. James Caring Center’s benevolent work.  These numbers put it in perspective.
    Please support our effort to those needing assistance in our community.
Nancy Montgomery
St. James Caring Center