Act for your children, not other people’s

    This letter is in response to comments made in the article about the book that was to be read during Pride month.

    A librarian once said, "A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone." Libraries are the storehouse of people's thoughts, ideas, dreams, and even nightmares. So anytime people enter, we choose those things we enjoy or believe in, or if we want to move out of our comfort zone we check out something different. After reading this material we will either decide to do more reading of this subject or not. The point is, even if I do not want to read any more on this subject, someone else does and we are both happy.
    The issue here seems to be more about freedom than anything else. On one side you have people who believe that each person can decide what they and their children can read or be exposed to. On the other side we have a group of people who want to force everyone else to only read what they believe to be acceptable with no personal choice allowed. This is a democracy not a dictatorship!
    When Mr. Huitt was speaking, he gave the perfect solution to this issue. He stated, "It is the parents right and responsibility to choose resources for their children." The most important words in this statement are "for their children", not for everybody else's.
    Mrs. Redburn read an excerpt from a book that again gave a perfect solution to this issue. Example: While you are at the library, your child picks a book that you don't feel is appropriate. Here is a great teachable moment where you discuss why this material is "to heavy" for your child, and give them a better understanding of grade level subject appropriateness, and even a better understanding of your belief system.
    As for Mrs. Redburn's comment that nothing hateful had been said, I beg to differ. Mrs. Montcalm's statement that "societies who abandon morals and embrace abnormal, deviant behavior are doomed to fail," shows hate, disgust, and disdain for a whole segment of this country's population. Let us not forget all the women and non-white people who have given so much to this country, whose actions and existence many decades ago were considered immoral and deviant.
    This effort to have all materials that this group objects to removed from our public library is just the first step toward removing people who identify as LBGTQ and their allies, from our society. If you doubt this read up on Germany in the ‘30s. Again, for those who didn't hear it the first time, this is a democracy with rule of law, majority rule, and protection of minority rights.
    Sadly, we have not always practiced what we preach. This country is still a work in progress as I believe all democracies are. The group who are asking for these changes needs to realize, many of us would fight for their right to state their case and be heard. Yet they also need to realize many of us will fight just as hard to keep them from telling the rest of us what we can read, say, or believe.
    I fear this is a part of the White Christian Nationalist's movement where if you are not white, straight, or Christian or you disagree with their message, you have no rights to be seen or heard. Overreacting you say? Again I refer you to Germany and Italy during the ‘20s and ‘30s. It starts with one book, one law, and before you know it you no longer have a say.
    I am quite sure that some of these people wanting these changes will be upset being painted with this brush. The only reply to them is, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it most likely is a duck." Just one more observation: Jesus was not white, hung around with tax collectors and ladies of ill repute, yet preached love and inclusion. WWJD?
Terry Bryan