Illustrated buttocks is inappropriate

    Absent from any of the recent articles and letters to the editor concerning the book, “The Rainbow Parade” are details of the content that concerns many of us. To truly understand our objections, I am providing details from the book.

    “The Rainbow Parade” contains an illustration of a wide thoroughfare with one woman walking down the center of the street. You are viewing this woman from behind and she is only clothed with a cross-body purse. In the accompanying text on the page, a young girl excitedly proclaims “Everyone is wearing whatever makes them feel the most like themselves, even if that means wearing hardly any clothes at all.
    While the subject matter of the book is questionable for 2- to 5-year-olds, featuring a book that illustrates and celebrates public nudity is hardly appropriate as a selection for the Children’s Storytime at the library.
    So, can we have a show of hands of those who think public nudity is something that our community library should promote? Maybe our law enforcement officials can weigh in on how they would respond to a nude woman walking down one of our Crawford County streets.
    I attended two library board meetings and there I met others who shared the same concerns. There was no hatred, no call to remove the book from the library: only requests that innocent children would not be exposed to questionable and inappropriate subject matter in the future. I don’t believe our request was unreasonable and believe most members of our community would agree.
Cindy Redburn