Reject the labels

    Nowhere did I request any books to be removed from the public library. I requested inappropriate sexual content be placed out of the reach of small children.
    Nowhere did I demand nor even suggest everyone read only what I approve of as acceptable.

    Nowhere did I express hate, disdain, or disgust toward any person or suggest removal of any person from our society.
    All of these statements are false. Which begs the question: Is this just an attempt to distract, deflect from the actual concerns being voiced by the community?
    It is a fact that societies collapse without moral boundaries. That’s not hate, it is history.
    It is a society’s moral responsibility to protect the innocence of its children, not confuse or sexualize them.
    Therefore, I reject the labels.
    There has been an attempt to present my concern about the availability of sexual content being presented to the children as an attack on groups of people.
    These are clearly two separate topics. The latter is neither my business or concern.
    God gave each of us inalienable rights, free will. Our constitution was written to protect those rights and our democratic republic is to facilitate equality of these rights to all citizens.
    I still expect inappropriate sexual materials be placed out of the reach of non-age appropriate children.
    Thank you,
Tracy Montcalm