What went wrong?

    I would like to add some comments to your article about the Grape and Fall Festival in the Thursday, September 15, of the Saint James Press.

    My friend and I were looking forward to this event and had signed up some time ago at the local Senior Center for some free tickets being offered for seniors.
    On the start day of the festival, I inquired about the free tickets at the Senior Center and was told to just go to the fairgrounds and sign in there for the tickets.
    At 4 p.m., my friend and I drove out to Nelson Hart and both gates (front and back) were unmanned and we drove right into the park. Everything was still in “set-up mode” and when we asked about the time it would officially start at the funnel cake booth, we were informed that the only thing that would happen that day, would be some rides for seniors and disabled folks and then we were asked to leave the fair at about 4:15. So we drove around the outside perimeter of the fairgrounds, again looking for some sign of activity. There was absolutely no signage of any kind or direction or anyone available to ask anywhere.
    So my friend and I drove back into town frustrated and to Country Bob’s to get a hamburger.
    The next morning, September 8, I went to the Chamber of Commerce to state my complaint and frustrations with the fair. The gentleman behind the counter was quite nice and almost apologetic when there was a “voice from above” coming from behind a small glass window in the form of a female bust interrupting our conversation saying in an irritating voice and without introduction:
    “I worked my butt off 12 hours that day—we had 200 people registered—only 14 showed up—we cooked over 100 hamburgers and had to throw most of them out—and I don’t want to discuss this anymore today!” And with that it was quiet from above.
    Now I found out later that the “voice from above” belonged to Kelly Money and my personal feeling was that she was rude and “snappish” to me. If you had been her, wouldn’t you have wondered “what went wrong?”
Gertrud Hale
St. James