Scared and hateful

    In regards to “You should be scared” is that what your religious belief is about! Being scared, frightened, than progressing into hate, vengeance revenge.

    You sound as if you are straight out of the dark ages, the medieval times. The way the church wanted the people afraid, ignorant. What kind of belief is that, to live in fear, ignorance and hate? To blame the way of the world on some and not others, who also have contributed and instigated.
    It is on all, not just a few. Is that what Jesus and other leaders of other beliefs taught? Hate thy neighbor, fear thy neighbor, abuse thy neighbor, curse thy neighbor. I wonder whether you treat your family with those feelings. I read at times those same feelings from other who say they stand in a religious light of love, kindness and forgiveness but spew out words of hate.
    It just has to do with one’s interpretation of religion and what it is and means to that individual. Does one’s hate solve anything when thrown onto a fire like gasoline? Because if you are seeking understanding and peace, you won’t find it by slamming doors in others faces. Live together or perish individually.
Thomas Bisso
Phelps County