Restore lost freedom

    Is freedom important to you? The U.S. Supreme Court recently made the radical decision to overturn nearly 50 years of precedent and end the legal right to abortion opening the door for Missouri legislators to implement their cruel and dangerous bans on abortion.

    Eric Schmitt pounced on the political opportunity to become the first state to implement a trigger law passed by Republican legislators in 2019. This is quickly creating a world where pregnant women, abortion providers, and anyone who “aids and abets” someone seeking abortion care are at risk of criminalization, regardless of the circumstances.
    This law will now force a 10-year-old rape victim to carry a child to term. This will only add trauma and saddle a child with even more difficult decisions in the future.
    In Missouri this year, Republicans attempted to pass an anti-abortion bill making it a class A felony if, “The abortion was performed or induced or was attempted to be performed or induced on a woman who has an ectopic pregnancy.”
    This language displays the basic ignorance of many of the men crafting laws about pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when tissue develops outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. An ectopic embryo will not survive, and the pregnancy will miscarry. Untreated, it is deadly to the mother. How are laws like this humane or moral for anyone involved?
    Further criminalization of abortion care in a post-Roe world will only compound existing inequities in our justice system and contribute to the surveillance of pregnant women. Privacy is something we all want when we go to our doctor.
    All of us deserve to make our own decisions about our health, especially when it is life-changing or life-threatening. False claims by anti-choice activists that their policies will not impact access to treatment for ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, and other life-threatening conditions ignore how anti-choice policies work in practice and the chilling effect they create for those seeking or providing care.
    As it stands, a doctor in Missouri can now be prosecuted and jailed for assisting a woman in having an abortion. Politicians now have more control over a woman’s life than her actual doctor. Legislators fail to recognize the enormous number of medical problems that women and girls can face during every stage of their pregnancy.
    The last thing a pregnant woman in medical distress needs is a doctor forced to consult a lawyer to figure out if they will go to jail for providing basic medical care. Many doctors will just refuse to get involved, leaving a woman to face a life-threatening crisis alone.
    Will the Republicans build and fund orphanages for the unwanted children? Will they support pregnant mothers unable to access healthcare, purchase food and the necessary myriad of items newborns need? Will they provide any help to these mothers?
    Rick Scott, the head of the Republican party, made clear he is pushing to eliminate Medicare and Social Security! Missouri isn’t known for being generous to the unemployed, disabled, or economically challenged citizens of this state. (Try getting a job when you are pregnant, or try to keep a job when you have medical problems during pregnancy!)
    If you would like to continue to claim to be pro-life, then help women to live through difficult pregnancies! If you want to be pro-life, help a child rape/incest victim survive her childhood! People need to turn out in droves on November 8 and the two weeks prior for no-excuse absentee voting. Vote to restore our lost freedom! Vote for candidates that promise to do that!
Ellen Bowles