Roads need help

    No stop sign at Melody Lane, dead end at Springfield Road. Tree limbs hanging into traveled "lanes" by these two roads, with brush growing out onto the broken asphalt edges of Old Springfield.

    Friday night an oncoming truck's driver side mirror struck my driver's side mirror. Other driver was trying to avoid the road side brush and broken asphalt on Old Springfield, his attention was diverted.
    The condition of Old Springfield, the heaviest traveled East West Road in Crawford County North of l-44 is deplorable.
    Since 2003 nothing in way of asphalt maintenance has been done East of Melody Lane, a period of 19 years, the promise made in this paper 18 months ago resulted in two, short two-inch overlays.
    Then years ago, Kenny Killeen received DNR authority to replace one of the two "water crossing" east of Melody Lane, the place where the school busses "slid" on the ice ramps on the approaches and pickup trucks (3) have turned over into the adjacent fields. The promised barrel vault crossing never was constructed.
    I have suggested in the past a road bond issue be considered by the taxpayers. But this is an involved, long-term project to develop and implement a comprehensive road program. Not an answer to the present road safety concerns.
    I have been made aware that there is insufficient manpower at this time on the road crews. I have also been made aware of the rock asphalt shortage that until recently has impacted road maintenance.
    However, in the last several weeks MoDOT, Cuba, and Sullivan have laid down two-inch stretches of road asphalt. No more rock problems. No manpower issues for these entities.
    Is the problem with the incorporated Crawford County roads due to some other deficiency?
    This needs action. Winter is fast approaching, with its enhanced safety concerns.
Mark Wenner