Your genes are like a hand of cards of sorts,
A mix of spades and clubs, diamonds and hearts;
Stud poker is the game by natures’ law,
For once the deal is done there is no draw.

You have to play the hand that comes your way,
Be it all kings and queens, or deuce and trey;
Do not despair if low cards be your fate,
Three duces always beats aces and eights.
Your genes reach back through generations far,
To make you the unique one that you are;
You are a little bit of all your kin,
But not the same as any one of them.
The world has never seen your likes before,
An ne’er will see one like you anymore;
Mankind was somehow altered by your birth,
And you were peered with kings in heaven’s worth.
So be your father’s son but not his clone,
Hear well his counsel but decide your own;
Your genes give rise to sway and tendency,
But you are master of your destiny.
Cletus Louis Drone
St. James

PS:  Consider the above with the upcoming election and be your own person. Do not cast a blind preordained ballet just to satisfy a long-standing family tradition. Grandpa’s era and problems were not the same as ours today. Study the issues and candidates and vote to save our great country from what appears to be an impending bankruptcy and total collapse.