Christmas or holiday?

    Set up the creche and tell again of the birth of Jesus in a manger and laid in the crib. When told in detail this historic fact creates an aura of warm friendships, family, peace, and love. Compare this with the modern progressive American holiday of today.

    If a creche is displayed leave empty the crib and the manger. By discarding Jesus this will prevent the possibility of maybe violating some non-existing but recently imagined constitutional right of a protesting atheistic bigot. Realize that this too may remind more normal and saner folks that over the past 50 years more than 63 million American homes have empty cribs due to abortion. These reluctant mothers and their abortion doctors have succeeded where at the first Christmas King Herod failed in his attempt to murder Jesus.
    The chanting you may now hear is not the angelic singing of hymns and carols but rather the shouts and screams of those protesting any change in the Roe vs Wade laws. Then out of the Washington swamp comes a man named Joseph who vetoes and takes away the God given rights of life for all American babies by vowing repeatedly to safeguard and protect Roe vs Wade given rights for women to choose and abort these babies. Now after Joe overrides God’s rights with Roe vs Wade’s rights he has the audacity and fake pity to dare ask God to bless America.
    This modern American Holiday seems to lack the warmth of Christmas of old. It seems more like a storm laden ship without a helmsman or a marching band without a drummer. So cozy up in your favorite easy chair, maybe with a nog, think about it and decide whether to greet your friends with a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday.
    From here, have a very Merry Christmas.
Cletus Louis Drone
St. James