Learn the real truth

    This letter is in response to “Learn the Truth about Library Funding.”
    The real truth about this rule of the Secretary of State is about coercion, threats, and submission to the will of the few. If he believes as well as the followers, put this rule out for a vote amongst the voters. They won’t because it would fall faster than a cow patty.

    The parents who are for this rule should instruct their children not read or learn whatever they are against, not to throw it onto the backs of everyone else. As you claim you love and care for them it is your responsibility. Think back when you were young; you learned of things behind and outside of your parent’s reach. Did you turn out so bad? Remember when you did that and this? Oh, forget about that. Children today have the internet. There’s more than a library there.
    I urge those opposed to this rule to write the secretary and let him know. Write your state representatives too.
    It wasn’t that long ago Republican politicians were hollering about government intrusion into families and telling them what to do. Now look who’s here.
    Write and let yourself be heard. It may not be long before you may not at all.
Thomas Bisso
Phelps County