Law of love

    Words have meaning and have consequences. Take the above—law of love. Some people claim that law is restrictive of love. Actually, law shows the way that love is achieved. Christians and Jews share this view.

    The first and greatest law is to love God. The first three Mosaic laws show us how to do that: worship the one true God, respect his holy name, and keep holy his special day. The next seven Mosaic laws pertain to the second greatest law, which is to love thy neighbor as oneself for the love of God. The first of these addresses the relationship between parents and children. Parents have the obligation to teach children and the latter have the obligation to respect and obey parents. The remaining laws are addressed to the self, tough. Self has the obligation to be pure in thought, word, and deed; to have no anger nor hatred, to be honest and not deceitful; to have no envy of anyone nor to covet the property and wives of others. If the self is able to achieve this control, his neighbor need not fear. He can be assured of love. Law and love guarantee a healthful relationship between all members of society.
    On the other hand, socialist communistic governments subvert this idea. Inherent atheism bars any notion of God and his laws of love. Tyrannical rule controls property and determines rights. It dictates what is acceptable while controlling speech and thought. Anyone who does not accept its dogma is condemned, and even possibly eliminated.
    Our God-given laws of love can be forfeited by our own concupiscence (our inordinate desire to please ourselves), or by our negligence and inattention to government takeover of our freedoms granted under the laws of love. Laws are not restrictive, rather, they are protective of freedoms and promoters of love.
    It is time to wake up, America, before it is too late.
Loretta Sellers