For Sale

STRAW FOR SALE: Dettler Farm. $4.25 bale. 573-259-0286. P-cfp-19-21

JACKSON COUNTRY ORCHARD, Rolla, now picking Jonathan and Empire apples. Also sweet pears. 573-341-3887. C-cfp-20-23

FOR SALE: Swisher log splitter, 22 ton. Three years old. $600. Pool table, ball and sticks, $100; ’99 Chevy Tahoe. Runs good, needs little work. $1,000. 573-205-3519. P-cfp-20

FIREWOOD FOR SALE: Get your wood early. Be ready for winter. Call 573-205-9927 or 573-205-5021. $55 per rank delivered. P-cfp-18-21

WOOD LOT FIREWOOD. Seasoned and debarked. $45 per rank, $55 delivered. 636-649-9019. P-cfp-19-21