Memories of some long-ago gobblers

By Larry Dablemont
    I likely won’t kill a gobbler this year because I don’t like seeing the declining wild turkey numbers throughout the Ozarks. So while I probably will not shoot any of them this year with my shotgun, I will call some up that I can shoot with my camera. I have killed so many over the years in three states, that I just don’t care about killing any more. There are enough great memories.

Crazy hunting tactics attract the whackiest gobblers

By Bill Cooper
    Every turkey hunter who has spent much time in the woods has had those days when absolutely nothing worked to coax a gobbler to within gun range. I, too, have experienced those frustrating days when it seemed the turkey gods were against me. However, numerous times over the years I have tried some wild, weird and whacky tactics, some of which were absolutely goofy, to successfully coax gobblers to their demise. I’m not suggesting that these tactics are for everyone, but they do make for a good story.

St. James to receive funding through the American Rescue Plan

    The city of St. James has been notified it will receive $743,013.01 in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding, which will provide funds to be used for COVID-19 related improvements and safety measures. While the city is still getting clarification on how the money can be spent, funding will provide additional resources to address key needs tied to COVID relief.

Fire department seeking volunteers

    The St. James Fire Protection District is seeking volunteer firefighters to join, as volunteers have dwindled in recent years. Volunteers are what keep the department functioning and serve the community with a variety of fire-related services.

CHS artists earn awards at GVC show

    The Gasconade Valley Conference Art Show featuring artwork created by students from six area high schools is on display in Steelville at Gallery Zeke through April 24. Among the featured work are 10 pieces that earned awards for Cuba High School students.

CCSO recognizes challenges of autism

    Crawford County Sheriff's Office employees are joining with other organizations around the world to promote Autism Acceptance Month by wearing autism ribbons on their uniforms. CCSO personnel will be wearing autism pins throughout the month of April to help with the understanding that autism is not a choice, however, acceptance is.