Cuba Fire Department: 87 Years and Counting

By Lori Malcolm on behalf of Viva Cuba
    A volunteer fire department is at the heart of every rural community. Here in Cuba, brave and heroic residents give their time to protect and serve the community. Local frontline firefighters put out fires, respond to vehicle accidents, provide search and rescue support, and deal with hazardous situations all on their own time. Their reward is simple, lives and property saved.

Donation will benefit student programs

Earl Bodyn, of the Walmart Distribution Center #6069, presented St. James Schools Athletic Director Greg Harlan with a $2,000 donation on February 4. The money was raised through the Miles for Smiles program, an employee run program aimed at raising money for local school districts through safe driving, and will be used by the district to support student programs.

District hears air quality assessment

    The St. James Board of Education heard from Performance Solutions after it performed an indoor air quality assessment and provided the district with recommendations on HVAC upgrades in each building. An assessment began in November of last year and the findings were presented to the board during its meeting on February 18.

Would you go fishing with a politician?

By Larry Dablemont
    I don’t want to make anyone real awful mad here but I can’t tell you the name of one politician that I would want to go fishing with. The whole bunch of them seems a sorry lot to me and I put them all in the same sack. But then, what do I know about politics? I only know about fishing, and if I had caught any fish this past week I’d be writing about that!

Five tips to help get ready for trout season

By Bill Cooper
    Missouri’s catch and keep trout season begins in the state’s four trout parks Monday, March 1. Thousands of anxious anglers will congregate in the parks to celebrate what many call their beginning of spring. Following are some tips to help you get ready for the season and enjoy your first day of trout fishing.