The Missouri Well-Being Playbook – a Guide to Workforce Wellness

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) recently released the Missouri Well-Being Playbook which shares strategies and resources to promote organizational wellness. It provides practices used in behavioral health and developmental disability state operated facilities and programs, as well as other diverse hospital and healthcare settings across the state.

MU Extension launches 'Show-Me MO Success' podcast

For more than 100 years, University of Missouri Extension has helped businesses and communities throughout the state. “Show-Me MO Success,” a new biweekly podcast hosted by MU Extension specialist Luke Dietterle, shares success stories from across Missouri.

Give Valentine's Day flowers some TLC

Valentine’s Day flowers, like love, can stand the test of time if given a little TLC. Call it flor-amore.

Workshop tells how and why to renovate tall fescue pastures

Forage and beef producers can learn from world-renowned forage experts the how and why of renovating toxic tall fescue pastures at a March 23 workshop in Mount Vernon, Missouri.

S&T researcher receives $1.5 million Department of Defense grant to increase robustness of hypersonic vehicles

The development of hypersonic weapons and advancement of hypersonic technologies has become a critical research focus for the national defense of the United States, and researchers from Missouri University of Science and Technology are directly involved in these efforts working with a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Missouri unveils plans to fight hypoxic dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico

Missouri and 11 other states bordering the Mississippi River are working together to address the different factors that together create seasonal dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico. Each partner state has developed and announced specific strategies that will be implemented over time using targeted federal funding. Last month, Missouri unveiled its state work plan to fight the dead zones and also received its first year of funding totaling nearly $1 million.

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