Council hears budget review of year to date

    The St. James City Council received a budget review from City Administrator Jim Fleming on the year to date standings of the city. Due to COVID-19, the council has kept a sharp eye on this year’s budget, as reduced revenues from earlier this year have made for a tight budget and the council is hoping to make changes as needed as the year progresses.

Animals rescued after carbon monoxide poisoning

    Cuba Animal Control responded to an unusual call for help Sunday and wound up temporarily sheltering 65 dogs and one cat when a driver transferring shelter animals was found unresponsive and suffering carbon monoxide poisoning after spending the night in Cuba.

Fatal crash takes life of Nebraska woman

    An 87-year-old woman was killed in a car crash in Crawford County on Monday. The accident occurred at 1:40 p.m. on Highway N, eight miles south of Bourbon.

Bourbon Park needs you!

    Having a safe and fun place to play is one of the most transformative things human beings do. Play engages and inspires by bringing fun and laughter to children and adults every day. The park board commission believes play is essential for us to thrive. Continuous improvements to the park, encourages everyone in the Bourbon community to live more playful lives. Families that play together stay together.

Getting employees in recovery back into the workplace

Opioid addiction keeps an estimated 1 million Missourians out of the workforce and costs the state about $1 million an hour, including the loss of jobs and wages. A new University of Missouri community health initiative will help rural communities counter the effects of the opioid crisis by focusing on local workforce recovery efforts, which could also help faltering rural economies.