The economy is not roaring back

By Rik W. Hafer
    The Labor Department announced that almost 5 million jobs were added in June. On top of an impressive increase in May of nearly 3 million jobs, predictions of V-shaped recovery seemed inevitable. Sadly, it isn’t going to happen.

A simple question

By Phill Brooks
    This column is prompted by a simple question asked of the governor at one of his news conferences.
    Missouri had reached a peak level of COVID-19 infections.

Wearing a mask is your patriotic duty

    Throughout the history of our country people have proudly stepped up when called into service during times of crisis. At no time was that more evident than during World War II, when millions served in our military forces abroad and millions more went to factories at home in support of our great nation. We are at war again, this time with an invisible enemy, and it’s time we all did our patriotic duty and put on a mask when we venture out into public to not only save lives, but also restore the health and economic viability of the nation.

Jaywalking should disqualify ballot

    At a recent press conference President Trump announced that he now has his own cure for the coronavirus and he is making it available to the world free of charge. You may order it direct from him at the White House. When you order it you will receive a vial of his perspiration which you rub a small amount on any part of your body and you are all set. If you already have the virus you will be instantly cured and if you don’t have it you will be made instantly immune.


    I am disappointed and saddened. Not mainly, however, because Donald Trump may not ultimately be president, but mainly because 70 million adult people voted for two attitudinal preborn baby killers, one of whom is also a proven liar (Biden, who lied about not discussing business with his son) and one of whom also is a violent protestor sympathizer (Harris, who bailed out violent protestors so they could do it again).