A simple question

By Phill Brooks
    This column is prompted by a simple question asked of the governor at one of his news conferences.
    Missouri had reached a peak level of COVID-19 infections.

Wearing a mask is your patriotic duty

    Throughout the history of our country people have proudly stepped up when called into service during times of crisis. At no time was that more evident than during World War II, when millions served in our military forces abroad and millions more went to factories at home in support of our great nation. We are at war again, this time with an invisible enemy, and it’s time we all did our patriotic duty and put on a mask when we venture out into public to not only save lives, but also restore the health and economic viability of the nation.

Violence can’t be allowed

    Our government cannot allow violence—whether against itself or its citizens and their properties. And sometimes drastic measures need to be taken to prevent it. Romans 13:1 in the Bible says "Everyone must submit...to the governing authorities" and v. 4 says the government "is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer."

Museum needed in Steelville

    As an active member of the community who cares in the preservation of our history, I believe that Steelville needs a museum. For several years the idea of building a museum within Steelville has been a big hit with several community members.

Keen was a mover and shaker

    I do so appreciate the article of Michale (Tiny) Keen you wrote. There were many public services that Tiny did for Steelville and surrounding communities that no one knew about.