FB helping protect livestock from predators

By Kelly Smith
    In recent years, black vultures have been extending their range into southern Missouri. A cousin of the more-common turkey vulture, these aggressive birds with a five-foot wingspan are now a common sight in our state. Until recently, the average farmer or rancher has had few options to deal with these pests. Thankfully, a new Missouri Farm Bureau program is providing relief.

At one year of the pandemic, Americare looks back at lessons learned

By Clay Crosson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Americare Senior Living
    On March 31, the last two Americare communities conducted the final of their three COVID-19 vaccine clinics. With these clinics, each community has now administered vaccines to every resident and team member interested. In fact, 91% of residents and 40% of employees have now received the vaccine protection.

Incentive programs work for rural Missouri

By Garrett Hawkins
    Growing up, I remember my mom working at our local clothing factory in the late 1980s making smocks and aprons. The farm economy was especially tough, and since my brother, sister and I were all in school, it was a good opportunity. Back then, it was pretty common to have factories in small towns.