State and Regional News

Total ban on texting and driving heard by Senate committee

By Brendan Crowley, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Under current Missouri law, only drivers under 21 are explicitly prohibited from texting while driving. Everyone else just needs to follow the state's broad distracted driving law by driving in a "careful and prudent manner" and exercising the "highest degree of care."

Secretary of State pushing for more money to support broadband in libraries

By Kathryn Hardison, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — In a world that has become electronically driven, public libraries still have an advocate at the Missouri Capitol.
But for Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, it’s not about keeping the libraries stuck in the pre-digital age — it’s about bringing them up to date as a resource for Missourians.

House agrees on censorship protection for student journalists

By Riley Newton, Columbia Missourian
A bill that would prevent school administrators from censoring student journalists is making the legislative rounds ... again.
This is the third year the bill has been proposed, and the second year it has been sponsored by Rep. Kevin Corlew, R-Kansas City. Last year, the bill made substantial progress in the Missouri Senate.