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Watch for slow-moving striping crews on the road, says MoDOT

    Spring cleaning not only involves your house, but also Missouri’s roadways. Part of the annual maintenance is repainting the lines on the road that have faded or been worn down by tires, rain and snow and snowplow blades.

Senate budget chair proposes $10 million for MU medical complex

By Yue Yu, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — The head of the Senate Appropriations Committee is recommending an additional several million dollars for the proposed budget for a major medical research complex at MU.

Proposal to teach Bible in schools causes more debate in Senate hearing

By Natasha Vyhovsky, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — A bill that would allow school districts in Missouri to offer electives that teach the Bible received robust opposition during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday.

Senate approves $301 million bond plan for Missouri bridges

By Tom Coulter, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — One of Gov. Mike Parson’s top priorities for the 2019 legislative session cleared a major checkpoint Monday afternoon when the Missouri Senate reached an agreement to fund repairs to 215 bridges across the state.

House passes carjacking, tax extension, digital license bills

By Anna Lewis, Missouri News Network
The House passed a slew of legislation Monday, including bills that deal with carjacking, an emergency income tax extension and digital driver's licenses.
Lawmakers passed HB 966, sponsored by Rep. David Gregory, R-St. Louis, which would make vehicle hijacking a felony. Under the bill, vehicle hijacking would be defined as stealing or trying to steal a car through the use or threat of force.