Photography tours of Onondaga and Cathedral caves offered at Onondaga Cave State Park 
Oct. 6

Are you an avid and artistic photographer looking for a new and unique subject? Then look no further than Onondaga Cave State Park. Join a member of the Onondaga Friends Association with a passion for photography as she leads tours through two great caves for hours of photographic possibilities Sunday, Oct. 6.

Exploring the ecology, culture, and history of the Missouri River, from Hermann to the confluence

Paddle MO 2019 will be held September 21-25. Paddle MO is an educational journey down the last 100 miles of the Missouri River, beginning at Hermann and ending at the confluence with the Mississippi River. Participants travel by canoe or kayak over five days and paddle through the confluence with the Mississippi River during the last mile of the trip. Along the way, participants stop at the historic river towns of New Haven, Washington, Augusta, and St. Charles. This year’s event will have over 100 total participants from 12 U.S. states.  

Teal are the early birds of duck world

    Teal are among the smallest of ducks. Too, they are the earliest of duck migrators, often heading south from Canada with the first cooling spells of fall.

This is the time of year to watch out for snakes

    I try each year about this time to let folks know how dangerous poisonous snakes can be in late summer and early fall. I got something from a lady whose daughter was out playing after dark and was bitten by a copperhead. If you read it, you might begin to see why I keep writing these warnings.

Late Night Cathedral Cave Tours offered at Onondaga Cave State Park Oct. 5

Join representatives from the Onondaga Friends Association for a unique, guided, late night Cathedral Cave Tour from 9:30 p.m. to approximately midnight Oct. 5.