MDC will raise trout permits and tags starting in 2020

• New pilot program at Maramec Spring Park will increase limit to five trout for $5

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will raise the prices of its annual trout permits and daily trout tags starting in 2020. According to MDC, the price increases are needed to better cover its costs of running hatcheries and providing more than 1.7 million trout each year for public fishing. The prices have not been raised since 1999.

MDC changes some requirements for landowner permits

Starting in 2020, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will increase the minimum acreage requirement from five to 20 acres for resident landowners and members of their immediate households to receive free permits for deer and turkey hunting.

MDC pre-season waterfowl reservations open Sept. 1

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds waterfowl hunters that its pre-season reservation period to apply for managed waterfowl hunts will run Sept. 1-18 with results posted Oct. 1.

Weird deer behavior and other outdoor happenings

    My son, Jayson Cooper, and several friends were enjoying a Saturday afternoon on a river gravel bar near the Highway 8 access on the upper Meramec River, cooking and relaxing. Suddenly a magnificent buck strolled out of the nearby woods, walked right through the crowd, through a smoldering campfire and into the river, where it proceeded to drown.

Blacksnakes will not be tolerated on Lightnin’ Ridge

    After what I wrote about snakes a couple of columns back, I got many letters and emails that basically asked me why a professional naturalist would kill blacksnakes on his place. It goes back to the fact that we have few natural ecosystems nowadays, and I am trying to improve the one I live in.