MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic is now open

Like humans, plants can get sick and need someone to diagnose their illnesses, says Peng Tian, the new lab director of the University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic.

Profitable cow-calf operations begin with early calvers

• Cows need to conceive and calve early to earn their keep
University of Missouri Extension beef cow-calf specialist Jordan Thomas says managing for a short or even an “ultra-short” calving season should determine which cows get to stay on the farm. Late-conceiving cows should go to market.

April is National Safe Digging Month

    Spring weather usually means an increase in outside projects that may require digging or excavation work.   

Gasconade County SWCD announces dormant seeding signup period

    The Gasconade County Soil and Water Conservation District has announced the signup period for the Permanent Vegetative Enhancement practice (DSL-2) and the Grazing System Lime (DSP-3.4) and Overseeding Legume (DSP-3.5) practices.  

Use sacrifice pastures now to spare best cattle grazing pastures for later

If not managed properly, muddy pastures can affect grazing the rest of the year, says University of Missouri Extension regional livestock specialist Patrick Davis.
“Cattle producers need to evaluate their pastures,” Davis says. Identify pastures that are thin and in need of renovation and consider using those as sacrifice pastures. Davis recommends consulting an MU Extension agronomist to grade pastures and make decisions on pastures that need renovation.

MU Southwest Center studies 'double' stocker calf operations on fescue

Researchers at University of Missouri’s Southwest Research Center in Mount Vernon are starting their third year of studying if beef producers can improve profits through a “double” calf stocking and grazing plan.