Steelville News

Steelville comptroller on probation

            Following concerns raised within the city of Steelville, Comptroller Roben Griggs has been placed on probation and required to follow a performance improvement plan designed by the city council.

Steelville Schools notified of Hep A case

    Steelville School District personnel reported last week a student had been diagnosed with hepatitis A, but added there seemed to be a low possibility of transmission of the infection. Crawford County has reported 20 cases of infection in the last year, including at the county jail.

City’s audits are behind schedule

    Questions have been raised by Steelville Alderwoman Amanda Sherrill about whether the city is following proper decision-making procedures and ensuring appropriate oversight is in place. One of her concerns revealed the city has not had a required yearly audit completed since 2016.

Steelville sees accolades, controversies in 2019

    Numerous accomplishments and controversies were reported in the Steelville Star-Crawford Missouri during 2019. The following are just some of the important stories that were covered during the year.