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Despite continued demo work, school will start next week

Steelville students got an extra week of summer vacation after the start of school was postponed last week. Originally set to begin classes for the 2019-20 school year on Thursday, August 15, the decision was made to push that back by a week to Thursday, August 22.

City pool struggles with staffing

The Steelville City Pool was closed briefly last week, but has re-opened to finish out the 2019 summer season.

The decision to close the pool was made at the city council meeting held on Monday, August 5, after council members were informed that the pool manager and two other lifeguards would be leaving on Wednesday, and there wouldn’t be sufficient staff to run the pool.

Retired teachers pursue their interests

Local artists Rob and Willie Bowness spent a total of 60 years between the two of them teaching art in public schools – the vast majority in the Steelville School District. Both feel lucky that they were able to work in a field that they were passionate about, but they are definitely enjoying the opportunities afforded by retirement, especially having the time to pursue their own interests.

Construction on the outside, fun inside

By Mary Young, STARCO member
    When driving by Heartland Arts on Main Street Steelville lately, it doesn't look so pretty on the outside with all of the construction going on, but wait until you step inside! There is so much pretty to see in the many rooms of the Evans House.