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Alderman Bennett shares his concerns, asks questions

Steelville Alderman Bill Bennett has a number of items of city business that he believes should be addressed by city council members. At the July 15 regular council meeting, he presented a list of those items to be added to the agenda for the evening. Some were discussed during other business already on the docket, and the remainder, except for one, were shared at the end of the meeting. That one item led to the call for a special meeting the following week.

Cool content on display at Gallery Zeke

“Explosion of Cool Content,” an exhibition of abstract art, will be on display at the Steelville Arts Council’s Gallery Zeke during the month of August.

Abstract art was a trend in painting and sculpture in the 20th century. As an art form, abstract art does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, form, colors, line, and textures. Simply put, abstract art strays far from the notion of representing real-world objects in art. Different artists create their compositions independently from visual references.

Domestic assault charges filed against Steelville woman

A Steelville woman has been charged with assault after reportedly pushing her husband down the stairs on July 14. Georgia L. Carter, 40, stands charged with class E felony domestic assault in the third degree as a result of the incident.