Steelville News

City council asks Mayor Keen to resign

• Aldermen say health issues prevent him from fulfilling duties

    Steelville City Council members called a special meeting on Monday to ask Mayor Michael Keen to resign. Keen refused, and, while there is a legal process for attempting to remove him from office, the council will not pursue that option.

Steelville School Board Notes

The Board of Education for the Steelville School District met on Thursday, June 20 to conduct business as follows for the district.

•    Board members approved all consent agenda items as presented. Consent agenda items are those considered to be routine in nature, and are voted on in one motion to conserve time. If discussion is desired on a particular item, it will be removed from the consent agenda, and be placed first under the regular agenda.

Steelville residents complain about suspected illegal activity

Several frustrated neighbors have complained to the Steelville City Council twice about a residence on Keysville Road. The neighbors say the renters of the home have too many people living on the property, are selling drugs, have trash everywhere, and threaten them. Steelville police have responded that they are investigating the situation, but they have no proof of illegal activity there yet.

School board approves $10 million budget

Steelville Schools Superintendent Mike Whittaker presented an annual budget to the school board for approval at a special meeting held on June 25. He told board members he anticipates “a flat year or possibly some increase as we move forward. All in all, it looks to be a pretty good budget year.”

Steelville city hall, police department renovations completed with $243,451 in CDBG funds

With the help of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Missouri Department of Economic Development, ADA accessibility renovations to the Steelville city hall and police department have been completed, making the facility more accessible to city residents and visitors.