Steelville News

Steelville shooting lands father and son in jail

    Steelville police responded to a shooting in the trailer park located on Cedar Street on Tuesday night, January 14. Although the victim wouldn’t tell the responding officer who had shot him, citing his “G Code” (Gangster Code), other witnesses identified a father and son duo who had allegedly committed the crime.

STE makes December Book Buzz donation

BOOK DONATION – Laura Martin (center) of Steelville Telephone Exchange is joined by Lucy Harmon (left) and Lawson Campbell to show off the December Book Buzz books recently donated to the Steelville School library by STE as part of Three Rivers Publishing’s Newspapers In Education program.

Steelville city council hears requests, reports

            Steelville’s City Council met on January 6 and aldermen heard plans to implement a procurement manual and make improvements on city property. New owners of an old restaurant were introduced, a resident requested usage of City Hall for an auction, and the council changed upcoming meeting dates.

Steelville comptroller on probation

            Following concerns raised within the city of Steelville, Comptroller Roben Griggs has been placed on probation and required to follow a performance improvement plan designed by the city council.