Cuba News

Fight over $30 lands one man in jail

    A dispute over $30 led to a physical fight where one man ended up in the hospital and the other charged with assault. Jake Biddlecomb, 26, of Cuba, faces the charge of class B felony of domestic assault in the first degree as a result of the incident.

Cuba man asks cops to shoot him

    The man who allegedly punched his girlfriend and two other women, then tried to get cops to shoot him, stands charged with four felonies as a result.
    Robert Clarence Phillips, 53, of Cuba, has been charged with two counts class E felony assault in the third degree, one count class E felony domestic assault in the third degree, and one count class E felony resisting a lawful detention.

School runs simulation for possible closure

    The Cuba Board of Education recognized a high school counselor during its meeting  on September 24. Board members also heard technology updates and reports from building principals.