Bourbon and Leasburg News

Local man participates in rare military reenlistment while piloting airplane

Bourbon native and current student in the University of Central Missouri’s professional pilot program, Master Sgt. Rob Martin recently repeated a rare experience that previously landed him recognition in U.S. Air Force Times while also honoring the longtime friendship and professional relationship he has with one of his military mentors.

Teen charged with false murder report, hiding a missing juvenile

A Crawford County youth stands charged with three misdemeanors after allegedly calling 911 to falsely report a murder and being found with a missing juvenile in his residence. All three incidents were investigated and resolved by the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department on May 21.

Steelville woman tapped for key theft at Paramount

A Steelville woman has been charged with burglary after agreeing to steal another woman’s keys from her workplace for $100. She and the St. Louis woman who wanted the keys both stand charged with class B felony burglary in the first degree and class D misdemeanor stealing as a result of the May 21 incident.