Make and keep public land open to the public

    A recent trespassing case in Wyoming involving four area men may have created more questions than answers when it comes to accessing public land for recreation. But one thing is clear—we need federal action that guarantees we can all easily access public land.

Keep the sun shining

    Unfortunately, it’s not that rare that our elected officials on just about every level violation Missouri’s open meetings law, which is also known as the Sunshine Law. It’s rare thing, however, when they openly admit doing so.

Free speech and press need freedom of information

By Kevin Goldberg
    “The right to speak and the right to print, without the right to know, are pretty empty.”
    These are the words of Harold Cross, author of “The People’s Right to Know,” a book largely regarded as inspiration for the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which Congress passed in 1967.