Criminal justice is not a game

By Larry Newman
    Get out of jail free! No, we're not talking about playing a friendly game of Monopoly, but rather, the far higher stakes of criminal justice with habitual criminal offenders.

Support 911 tax increase during August 2 primary

    If you want good service, especially in government, then you must be willing to pay for it. On the federal level we often ask for the best, our military is a great example, but we refuse to pay what’s required to properly fund it. That shouldn’t be the case for our local emergency responders.

Five historic dissenting opinions that shaped our First Amendment rights

By David L. Hudson Jr.
    Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo once said, “The meaning of today is not the meaning of tomorrow.” Dissenting opinions play a vital role in our constitutional democracy, offering different viewpoints from the majority. The right to dissent is also key to the First Amendment, as it protects unpopular opinions and perspectives.

Poor police work in Missouri is letting many rapists go free

By Christine McDonald
    There is a sexual assault taking place right now. Every 68 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted. More than 97 percent of perpetrators get off scot-free.
    A major reason is mismanagement of physical evidence. It's time for police work in Missouri to enter the modern era—and employ the latest technology for collecting and processing evidence. Otherwise, rapists will continue to go free.

Road complainers still deserve good service

    Complaints about county roads are nothing new, but they’ve taken on a life of their own in Crawford County recently. The lead paragraph in a story published in this week’s Cuba Free Press and Steelville Star-Crawford Mirror said it all.