Letters to the Editor

MoFB must help fight climate change

    In a recent commentary by Eric Bohl, of the Missouri From Bureau, he describes the  work of the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group. Their report is to include how to improve Missouri's flood recovery priorities and levee system with recommendations for where state funding could most effectively be allocated for recovery and preparation for the future.

Outside residents shouldn’t be taxed

    Recently, the city of St. James proposed an amendment to be on the ballot for its residents to vote on an internet purchase sales tax. The city will use the zip code 65559 as a means of collecting this tax. That zip code covers St. James and parts of the surrounding Phelps County. This means people living outside of the St. James jurisdiction will be taxed. This is illegal, and the courts have said so in the past.

City should keep bridge open

    My name is Carter Mason from Boy Scout Troop 477.  I was in the (Crawford County) Commissioner's Meeting on August 20, 2019, and the Third Street Bridge was discussed. I am writing to complete another requirement of my communications merit badge, which is a letter to the editor of my local paper.  

State needs open collective bargaining

    Although the 2020 legislative session is still a few months away, I hope Missouri officials are planning to reengage the issue of government union reform, and particularly open collective bargaining. Currently, the vast majority of the contract negotiations between public officials and organized labor can be conducted out of sight of the taxpayers—the very taxpayers who must pay the salaries and benefits that are agreed to.