St. James News

Flags still available for Warrior’s Honor Walk

    The St. James Chamber of Commerce is holding the second annual Warrior’s Honor Walk in honor of Veteran’s Day and is selling American flags for the event. Flags are still available for those wanting to honor a local veteran and can be purchases online or at the Tourist Information Center.

Turntine joins St. James Senior Center team

    Randi Turntine has joined the St. James Senior Center as an administrative coordinator.

Pipeline Maintenance selected to aid with tree waste removal

    Pipeline Maintenance has been selected to aid the city with grinding and disposal of trimmed tree limbs and removal waste. A contract of $22,000 was approved by the St. James City Council on Monday night.

Council approves Archer for designs for lift stations

    On Monday night, the St. James City Council approved C.M. Archer Group for the final design and construction administration of Lift Stations #2 and #3. The city has begun the process of replacing the two lift stations, one of which has failed, and will move forward with the improvements.