MDC virtual art event on June 19 will help people identify trout

On Saturday, June 19, people can use a paint brush to learn the differences between rainbow and brown trout.

Rising feed prices call for cutting the fat in cow-calf operations

University of Missouri Extension beef nutritionist Eric Bailey says beef producers can offset rising feed prices with changes in their operations. “It’s time to literally cut the fat from cow-calf operations,” says Bailey.

MDC is looking to outlaw cameras

By Larry Dablemont
    People have been contacting me asking if I had heard about the Missouri Department of Conservation declaring that people who take photographs inside public areas, they manage must buy a permit to do so. I have to look into that, but I can’t imagine that they would do that, telling photographers to pay in order to take pictures inside areas owned by the citizens of the state of Missouri.

Most people have fishing buddies and secret spots

By Bill Cooper
    Every fisherman yearns to find a secret fishing spot, where he can catch lots of fish and not be bothered by other anglers. Such spots are few and far between these days. Too, most fishermen have a favorite buddy, with whom they share their favorite spot. Stories abound about the calamities of sharing a secret spot.

Summer school is combining learning with fun

    The Steelville School District’s summer school program is offering a variety of educational classes at each building, along with a little fun.
    “At the elementary, most classes will be enrichment-based with each week being a different theme,” Superintendent Mike Whittaker said.
    Week 1 is Reading Adventures, Week 2 is Science Explorations, Week 3 is Social Studies, and Week 4 will be STEM activities.