Use the Force, Jason Holsman: Senate debates his 'Jedi bill'

By Sydney Kalich, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Senate members considered a slew of death-related legislation Wednesday afternoon, including the “Jedi Bill,” or Senate Bill 455, which would allow outdoor human cremations to be performed by funeral directors.

House Committee discuss Senate's medical marijuana, fentanyl bill

By Natasha Vyhovsky, Missouri News Network
A Senate bill that would place limits on medical marijuana and create new penalties for fentanyl trafficking received critiques from legislators and attorneys during its House public hearing this week.

House members want to give taxpayers extra time, but the clock is ticking

By Isabel Lohman, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Lawmakers tried Wednesday to give taxpayers extra time to pay state income taxes this year, but some worry that their action is coming too late to be of much help.