Change to drug laws would turn distribution into murder in some cases

By Sidney Steele, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Someone who knowingly and unlawfully manufactures, delivers or distributes a controlled substance that results in another person’s death could be convicted of murder in the second degree in legislation being debated by state lawmakers.

Cody Johnson returning to 2019 Crawford County Fair

Fans of country music performer Cody Johnson were more than a little disappointed after his concert was rained out on the final night of the 2018 Crawford County Fair. Those same fans, however, will get another shot to see Johnson this summer, as he is set to open the 2019 fair, which runs July 9-13.

MDC reminds snaggers that paddlefish season begins March 15

Imagine catching a giant, prehistoric fish whose ancestors swam during the time of dinosaurs. That is a reality for thousands of paddlefish snaggers during Missouri’s annual spring paddlefish snagging season. Paddlefish -- named for their large, paddle-shaped snouts -- are an ancient species that can grow to seven feet and weight more than 100 pounds.  

Tax law changes could affect your 2018 tax return

    The year of offsetting changes. That is how Andrew Zumwalt describes tax year 2018.    
    “Tax law changes removed exemptions—the deduction from income for claiming people on a tax return—but the law also almost doubled the standard deduction,” he says. For example, a single person had a 2017 standard deduction of $6,350. For 2018, the standard deduction is $12,000.