Scholar Bowl team finishes fourth in the conference

By Destiny Penfield, SJP Intern
    The St. James High School Scholar Bowl team had a tough time getting to several of its scheduled meets this season due to winter weather, but the squad turned in a fine performance at the Four-Rivers Conference tournament, taking fourth overall.

PCB gives $6,000 to school district to help kids

    Phelps County Bank (PCB) has agreed to donate $6,000 to the St. James School District to be used for classroom needs. As part of the School-Business Partnership, PCB gives money annually to help give teachers additional funds for classroom projects, field trips, and to help with other costs.

Celebrating Earth Day with dairy farmers

    Dairy farmers are committed to producing delicious, nutrient rich milk as well as taking care of the land and their animals. To meet the growing need of the US population, farmers are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment by using less land and resources to produce more food and milk. Each gallon of milk produced today requires 90 percent less land and 65 percent less water, with a 63 percent smaller carbon footprint than it did almost 70 years ago. In fact, US farmers today are producing almost three times the amount of milk with about half the number of cows.