Find places for outdoor fun with new MDC “MO Outdoors” app

Finding places to discover nature and enjoy outdoor activities in Missouri has just gotten easier. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) now offers its new, free mobile app – MO Outdoors. MO Outdoors users can quickly and easily find MDC outdoor offerings based on the types of outdoor activities they want close to home, work, or even while traveling.

Murderer sentenced to life in prison

Deacon Zelch will serve life in prison for the murder of Edward Hillhouse. Zelch entered a guilty plea to two felony counts against him on Tuesday, December 4, and was subsequently sentenced by Judge Sid Pearson in front of a packed Crawford County courtroom.

Standing in front of the judge’s bench with his attorney, Zelch admitted that he had shot Hillhouse in the head.

They are a lot smarter than they used to be

    If you have never been hiding behind a tree or sitting in a blind watching a flock of wild ducks circling decoys you have missed one of the most thrilling and beautiful sights in the outdoors. I am getting everything ready for my first duck hunt next week…not expecting a whole lot perhaps. I will be sitting behind a big fallen tree in the back of my favorite cove for most of a day with Bolt, my Labrador, watching a handful of decoys before me.