Region shows mixed unemployment data in August

    August unemployment data showed Missouri’s economic recovery from the loss of jobs caused by the coronavirus pandemic appears to be slowing. Statewide unemployment increased slightly in August, while job numbers throughout the region were mixed.

County COVID cases doubled in September

• Three more deaths reported

    Total cases of COVID-19 in Crawford County have more than doubled in the last month. On August 31, the county reported 194 cases, and on October 1, that had increased to 430. The increase in has remained steady over the past two weeks, but three new deaths for those with positive test results have also been reported.

County grants $110k in CARES Act funds

    The Crawford County CARES Act Committee has now disbursed approximately $110,000 of the $2.8 million in funding received by the county from the federal government, funding intended to aid local political subdivisions with expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.