Things must change along Yadkin Creek

    It’s not uncommon for governments at all levels to be reactionary when it comes to a wide range of problems, rather than working to keep bad things from happening in the first place. Steelville is a perfect example. Rather than working to address its continued flooding problems along Yadkin Creek, it has continued with decades of mismanagement of the waterway that had led to costly repairs to damaged city infrastructure. Things must change.

Making the case against tariffs

By Robert Singer and Maryann Townsend
    To the relief of business and the financial markets, President Trump delayed indefinitely the imposition of increased tariffs on $200 billion worth of imported goods from China. The real victims of such ill-advised trade policy are U.S. importers, consumers, and exporters. Tariffs increase the cost of intermediate products used by local and foreign manufacturers who sell their goods in the U.S. as well as those who export their final products to consumers or other businesses.

Cuba school leaders deserve credit for taking swift action to address hazing

    Despite what was a terrible situation, it was good to see the administration at the Cuba schools take swift action to correct a bullying/hazing situation involving the CHS football team last week. Far too often, our public officials are quick to take credit for something, but slow to take blame and fix a problem.