We continue to dumb down our country

    During WWII one of the best of the German generals, Irwin Rommel, made an interesting observation about the American troops. He said that when an American officer leading the troops was killed, the next in command took over and the unit continued to be as effective.

America needs to stand for the truth

    Our country is in trouble in so many ways. Donald Trump was elected because he was at the top of the Republican ballot. Evangelical Christians are trusting him, though they may not like the way he acts. They will support President Trump just to be sure they maintain control of the government. Senators like Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruise and other true conservative leaders, both in the House of Representatives and Senate, will support him despite his poor or discriminatory choices.

Journalists have also been victims

    In recent weeks, the latest killings of African-Americans by law enforcement have not only anguished our country but locked its attention on police brutality directed at communities of color. As Americans have tried to come to terms with our history of racism, we condemn its presence in our profession and call for media outlets to diversify their staffs from the top down. We also note that journalists, including those of color, have been victims of police misconduct in recent days, and we are disturbed at the large number of attacks perpetrated on all those attempting to uphold a free press in the service of democracy.