Let’s lesson the risk

    In the October 8 issue of the Steelville Star-Crawford Mirror, page 7A, there were two short articles about risks of traffic deaths. In these articles the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety shows that “men make up the majority of the state’s traffic fatalities often due to a lack of seatbelt use, particularly among pickup truck drivers.”

Vote your values

    How many of your children would you be willing to have killed in order to have good economic times? I assume none. Well then, how many of your friends' children would you be willing to allow them to kill for good times? Again, I assume none.

Dems run the House

    My response to the two letters in last week’s paper: regarding Ms. Bowles letter, virtually since the inception of Social Security when a presidential election was coming up, Democrats have always pulled out the old time honored scare tactic to senior citizens, that the Republicans are going to take away your Social Security.

Crooks or low-lifes?

    By the time this is published we will have less than a month before the election. The election is when we either elect or re-elect a bunch of crooks and low lifes to “lead” us. I know they are all crooks and low lifes because each one of them say that about their opponent and I refuse to believe that anyone running for public office would knowingly lie about anything unless they were by themselves or with someone.

Just scare tactics

    In response to a letter from last week that was an effort to scare older folks, may I assure them that when Trump is re-elected, they will not lose their Social Security, Disability or Medicare. Democrats have used scare tactics since the days of Carter. A strong, healthy economy under Trump is best for all Americans.