Wearing a mask is the best way to get back to ‘normal’

    With key state and federal elections looming in November, one would think our elected officials might want to take steps to make sure their economic reopening plans are not derailed by a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks returning us to lockdown status. Wearing masks in public would do much to reduce the odds of that happening.

Republican legislators think we are all insane, maybe they are right

    The 2018 election was a strange one in Missouri. Voters overwhelmingly supported conservative candidates and liberal causes. Among those liberal causes was Clean Missouri—a constitutional amendment seeking to guarantee fair districting, campaign finance reform, and lobbying—which was approved by 62 percent of voters.

Coronavirus has impacted us all

By Jadyn Chirico
    A few months ago I had not expected the coronavirus to grow into a global pandemic. I expected that I would finish off the school year from within the classroom and not have to miss the trip that my family and I had been looking forward to for months. I didn’t think that there would be a day that I’d enter the grocery store to find that shelves were becoming empty, or that I could no longer go into a restaurant and sit down. And as I think many can agree that we never saw this coming, it’s a hard time that we’re all working through together.