Wonderful story

    What a wonderful story about the Gladden twins. I must confess, I cried when I read it. Ina was my Sunday School teacher and a wonderful Christian lady. I didn’t know Eva as well but I’m sure she was equally as nice.

White supremacy

    There has been much discussion around the country concerning the meaning of white supremacy. Therefore it is necessary to air this idea to more fully understand its importance.

Full council should have supported FFA lease

    Thank you for the front-page article in last week’s Saint James Press covering the extensive discussion about the city of St. James’ 10-year lease agreement with the St. James School District for the livestock barns and arena at the Nelson Hart Park. This proposal was approved by the St. James Park Board and submitted for city council approval at the monthly city council meeting on June 14, 2021.

Revolutionists were nothing but sinners

    I am a political conservative who considers the Constitution a great document and the basis for our nation. However, I am also a Christian conservative who considers the Bible the greatest document and the basis for our lives.