Missouri farmers should face consistent rules for raising livestock

By Blake Hurst
    Bacon is popular, but living near a hog farm is not. Bacon isn’t possible without hogs, so if we want bacon, we’re going to have to raise pigs. Missouri Senate Bill 391 is opposed by people who either don’t like bacon or don’t realize how it’s made. The bill would require that county regulations aimed at livestock production ought not be “inconsistent with or more stringent than” state regulations. Senate Bill 391 would simply mean that farmers would face consistent rules across the state.


    Dehumanization has a natural progression. It starts by defining a whole race or ethnicity by its worst members, say Muslims or sex offenders. It moves on to enforce generally applicable laws and rules that especially hurt a targeted group. Then, as the public at large becomes desensitized by governent-sponsored declarations of doom and gloom, the group can be singled out for hatred and harm. Thus begins the descent, step by step, into a moral abyss.

Seek an abortion solution for everyone

    Our nation has once again stepped into a morass. It continues to amaze me that thinking and rational minds of people remain polarized. Neither willing to take a step from entrenched beliefs, to begin a search for a solution. Instead each side try to fault, find the other side, attempting to make more noise than the other.