More food control?

    The latest entry in the perpetual quest to “fix” the food system, the EAT-Lancet Commission, has released its report urging nothing less than a Great Food Transformation, to be kicked off with a worldwide series of meetings held to herald our future. Not just our future diets, but given the breadth of change recommended by the Commission, they have designs on the economy of the future as well.

Give same protections to first responders

    Last year, the Missouri legislature made great strides in the area of government labor reform. Many employees, including teachers, now have added power to decide whether a union should represent them to their employer. Taxpayers now also have greater access to the details of those relationships, thanks to transparency and accountability provisions. That’s appropriate; after all, it’s your money involved.

No more abortions!

    What would be the best word to describe thousands of women marching in our nation's capital for the right to cruelly kill their healthy babies...and the governor of New York signing a law allowing the killing to take place right up to and soon after the time of birth...and the people who cheered when he signed the bill—both in his office and at home?

No more taxes!

    I thoroughly agree with Mr. Wheeler regarding the proposed Crawford County tax for law enforcement. Why should or why would county residents out of city limits support such a tax, which would give 40 percent to municipalities? We don’t get to vote on candidates for city police officers; they aren’t out patroling our area or answering our 911 calls when we need help.

You don’t know Schmitt

    Your newspaper published a letter which detailed my frustration obtaining open public information from Joshua Hawley’s administration as Attorney General. As depicted in that letter, Hawley and his staff, in particular Daniel Hartman, refused to comply with my Missouri Sunshine Law request concerning fees paid by the Attorney General to “professional” witnesses, stating that the requested records were “closed” and therefore would not be provided. Hawley’s staff repeatedly refused to abide by a statute Hawley was sworn to uphold.