Amendment gives power to Missouri voters

By David Roland
    As a public interest attorney focused on constitutional law, I have devoted my career to upholding the wisdom and principles that led the Founding Fathers to declare independence from England and then to adopt the U.S. Constitution. But when I consider the way our political systems have functioned in recent years, it is clear to me we desperately need to remember the wisdom the Founders shared about the dangers of political factions.

Rep. DeGroot’s proposals would gut Sunshine Law

By Dennis Ellsworth
Executive Director, Missouri Sunshine Coalition
    It indeed has been almost 50 years since the original Missouri Sunshine Law was adopted by the State of Missouri, as Rep. Bruce DeGroot noted in his opinion article in The Missouri Times. But over the years, the changes to that law usually have been an effort to ensure broader access to public information, not narrow the access, as is inherent in many of the changes Rep. DeGroot proposes in his bill (HB 2049) in this legislative session.

A matter of leadership

    As the August 2 primary election approaches, I have been reflecting on the role of leadership in government. While leadership is always important, it is crucial in challenging times.

We like Steve Black

    I encourage all those who are eligible to vote in the Republican primary election on August 2, as the outcome will determine the office holders for Crawford County.