Stop wild hogs

    The average feral hog weighs a little more than 100 pounds—the biggest, about 400. And every one of them is hitting above their weight class when it comes to damaging Missouri's natural resources and Missourians livelihoods. They're an invasive species that is both a nuisance and a health risk.

Improve infrastructure

    Agriculture is a huge part of Missouri’s economy. In fact, a 2016 economic impact study found that Missouri agriculture, forestry and related industries account for over $88 billion in sales every year; nearly 15 percent of the state’s total. However, to maintain and grow this economic engine, our rural infrastructure needs to be built to support modern agriculture.

Great job at shelter!

    I had the pleasure of visiting (Cuba’s) local animal shelter (recently), and I just want to share how impressed and how proud I am with what is going on there. It was just a few years ago that the shelter was in terrible condition. It was unhealthy, unsafe and unable to help the animals in our community.
    Thanks to the leadership of Animal Control Manager Missy Mullally, the hard work of her incredible staff, and the commitment of the community, the shelter has grown into something we can all be proud of.
    The shelter was able to take in 340 animals last year that were either lost, abandoned, abused, or neglected. Without the shelter, most of those animals would have continued to suffer or lost their lives.
    Missy has been able to get the shelter cleaned up, organized and has it thriving. They recently completed construction on a new isolation area that will allow them to keep animals with significant medical issues or potentially dangerous behavioral concerns separated from the rest of the group. These are animals that they may not have been able to help previously because of the extreme risk to the others in the shelter.  
    It has been said that you can judge the greatness of a nation, or community, and its moral progress by the way its animals are treated. I believe the way Missy and her crew are caring for the animals in need in our community is a positive reflection on all of us, and it is something our entire community can be proud of.
Jeremy King
Owner of The Watering Bowl
St. Louis

Seek forgiveness

    In his letter last week Stan Schell gives a scenario that, if true, would  be reason for complaint. However, I noticed that he does not mention the actual crime for which  he was incarcerated. While it is not necessary, was it because he figured that if he did, no one would feel sorry for him? Maybe not, but just wondering.