Love one another

    I browsed through Facebook a week ago and saw an interesting cancellation from Crawford County Library District. The cancellation concerned a story hour offered through the library by  patron and responsible member of the community, who bought a copy of a book that the library had on the shelf.

New or old crooks?

    The time is fast approaching when we will either be sending a new bunch of crooks to Washington or sending the same bunch of crooks back to Washington. The reason I call them crooks is because all of their campaign ads say their opponent is either a crook or an idiot and I refuse to believe that anyone running for public office would knowingly lie about anything or anyone.

Tale of two kingdoms

Love, Truth, Self-Denial
    If you love Me keep my commandments. Honor your parents and all lawful authority and love your neighbor as yourself. Male and female I made you; be fruitful and multiply.

Here for our patients

To Our Patients and Community:
    The partnership between physicians and their patients is one built on confidence, mutual respect and honesty. When patients find physicians they value, these relationships are significant and often last a lifetime.

Modern day fake news

    It should come as no surprise that history is replete with examples of fake news but the question is why would a person or group of people want to create a false series of ideas to confuse a society. The following will illustrate this problem and why it has long been part of the history of nations.