Roads need help

    No stop sign at Melody Lane, dead end at Springfield Road. Tree limbs hanging into traveled "lanes" by these two roads, with brush growing out onto the broken asphalt edges of Old Springfield.

How to save a life

    The Missouri Republican legislature has pushed the opioid crisis to the back burner of concern because many of them suggest that other addicts choose to use; therefore, put themselves into addiction. They have a choice, I’ve heard. They can quit if they really want to, I’ve heard. This quip really I do not understand, “Use tough love and just let ‘em learn. It is their life.”

Is ignoring a problem helpful?

    I am deeply concerned and uneasy about the environment and potential problems that my children and grandchildren will face. What is happening in Missouri reminds me of the frog in hot water story. The water temperature is slowly rising but the frog doesn’t leave because it doesn’t notice the slow but relentless increase in temperature that will bring about its death. Likewise our Missouri legislature doesn’t recognize or care that our environment is changing and not for the better.

Smith is ineffective

    The 8th Congressional District is suffering from the lack of effective representation in Congress. Jason Smith ranks last in effectiveness of all our federal elected officials according to an analysis by the Center for Effective Lawmaking of the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University.

Restore lost freedom

    Is freedom important to you? The U.S. Supreme Court recently made the radical decision to overturn nearly 50 years of precedent and end the legal right to abortion opening the door for Missouri legislators to implement their cruel and dangerous bans on abortion.

Scared and hateful

    In regards to “You should be scared” is that what your religious belief is about! Being scared, frightened, than progressing into hate, vengeance revenge.