Best days lie ahead for rural economy

    In December, President Biden appointed me as the Missouri State Director for USDA Rural Development. From growing up in rural Lafayette County to serving as a Rural Policy Director for Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and District Liaison for Congressman Ike Skelton in rural Missouri, I have personally seen the powerful impact Rural Development programs have on our rural residents, businesses, and communities.

Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man

    Anyone wishing to understand the mind of Putin should read Dostoyevsky’s great novel, “Crime and Punishment.” The main character is Raskolnikov, a nihilist whose one idea is to rationalize his way to justify killing an older lady. Raskolnikov’s hero is Napoleon who causes invasion of Russia but few know that he allows his army to be slaughtered in Egypt. Raskolnikov convinces himself that he is like Napoleon; that if he wills the deed, it will be acceptable.

Don’t judge coach by talk at the diner

    I am a former St. James Tiger basketball player (class of ‘06) under Coach Smith (I'm on one of those banners hanging in the gym). I currently do not reside in St. James but I still keep up with the school and the sports teams. My best friends (more like family) are still there and active within the community and the school.

Missourians deserve Second Amendment protections

    Your second amendment rights don’t stop at your property line. We live in a world where liberals call to defund our police and lawlessness runs rampant. Self-defense has never been more important. That’s why I have filed Senate Bill 1229 to ensure your rights—and your homes—are protected by state law.

Flooding remains a big concern

    Owners of microbusinesses, sole proprietors, and farmers spend many hours developing plans and attending training sessions to educate themselves on operating a business and what to do in the face of adversity.

Is 60 percent good enough now?

    I went to school in St. James my entire life and graduated in 1975 as a proud Tigers basketball fan. Our basketball boys went to the state tournament that year. Coach Farris was something special. We had four straight years of exciting, winning boys basketball teams back then. Coach Farris is now in the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.