Farmers not looking forward to 2020

    Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) recently took the temperature of the farm economy with its fourth-annual Farmometer survey. Attendees at the MOFB Annual Meeting in early December were asked to complete a questionnaire on agriculture-related topics. The questions have been identical each year of the survey.

Investigation not the same as interference

    I know this is Christmas week and the most important thing is the fact that the Son of God came down here to be born as a baby so He could grow up to suffer and die for the sins of the world so that all who receive Him through faith as their Lord and Savior can receive forgiveness, have Him in their lives now, and go to Heaven one day, but I didn't want Jim Vokac's letters of Dec. 12 and 19 to go unanswered.

Country before party?

    The recent missive from Congressperson Smith is another attempt to distort reality. There are some facts related that are true but are misleading. Other items are simply not true. Smith toed the line of the Koch brothers when a representative in Missouri and now continues the follower-ship role in Congress.

‘Prosperity Gospel’ is a plague on our country

    Christmas, of course, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But you know what? Jesus did not come down here to set up a luxury resort, as some seem to believe. Rather, He came to suffer and die for everyone's sins and to enroll them by faith in His Kingdom bootcamp to spiritually save, inform, strengthen, and toughen His followers for their battle with their greatest enemy, the Devil.