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Senate gives initial approval to restore low-income housing tax credit

By Tom Coulter, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — More than a year after the Missouri Housing Development Commission voted to freeze the state’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, the Senate signaled initial approval Wednesday to bring it back — with a few changes.

Change to drug laws would turn distribution into murder in some cases

By Sidney Steele, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Someone who knowingly and unlawfully manufactures, delivers or distributes a controlled substance that results in another person’s death could be convicted of murder in the second degree in legislation being debated by state lawmakers.

Lawmaker wants to see more veterans treatment courts in the state

By Gaelle Fournier, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Hal J. Dulle, a former U.S. Marine, was exposed to drugs for the first time when he was serving in Vietnam.
“It was a way to deal with the trauma,” said Dulle. “It became a common thing to lean on to adjust to life after war.”