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Lawmakers again consider concealed carry on campus, private property

By Jacob Cavaiani, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri’s public universities would be required to allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to have firearms on campus under a bill debated by a House committee Wednesday.

School's out for more of the summer? House passes bill to delay start of school

By Marisa Pisterzi and Nicole Braham, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — All Missouri public schools would be prohibited from starting school before late August in a bill passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Tampons, diapers are taxed higher than groceries, but that could change

By Caitlyn Rosen and Aviva Okeson-Haberman, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — Kali Jones remembers having to miss her English class because of her period.
“I had to stay home for a full day — I could not leave the house — until my dad was able to come and bring me some tampons, because I didn’t have the money to get them at that point,” Jones said.

Firefighters who get cancer have less coverage in Missouri than other states

By Alexandria Williams, Columbia Missourian
JEFFERSON CITY — There’s no question that the work of a firefighter is dangerous, whether it’s entering a burning building or rescuing victims trapped near hazardous flames.

Carb lovers, rejoice: Bill to make Missouri the greatest thing since sliced bread

By Elizabeth Elkin, Columbia Missourian
Lawmakers deal with some heavy topics at the state Capitol. House Bill 78, given initial approval by the House on Wednesday, was not one of them.
The bill, sponsored by Rep. Rusty Black, R-Chillicothe, would designate July 7 as “Missouri Sliced Bread Day” to commemorate the first sale of sliced bread, which happened in 1928 in Chillicothe, Missouri.