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Watch for motorcycles

    As the weather warms up, so do the engines on motorcycles. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants to remind motorists and motorcyclists alike to “Watch for Motorcycles” in order to help prevent motorcycle crashes, deaths and injuries on Missouri roadways.

Child care costs, lack of access lead to tough choices for Missouri parents

By Caitlyn Rosen, Missouri News Network
More than half of Missourians don’t have access to affordable licensed child care.
That means more parents have to cut down work hours, add time to their commute or resort to unregulated in-home facilities to provide child care for their children.
According to a 2018 study from the Center for American Progress, a research group dedicated to progressive policies, 54 percent of Missourians live in child care deserts, areas with an insufficient supply of child care providers.

State Roundup: Pregnancy crisis centers, tax credits and agriculture amendments

Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — The House gave initial approval Wednesday to a bill that would increase the coverage area for health care providers working with facilities that offer alternatives to abortion such as pregnancy crisis centers.

Proposal limiting class-action suits goes to a governor eager to sign

By Caitlyn Rosen, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — People will have a harder time bringing class-action lawsuits and lawsuits including out-of-state plaintiffs in Missouri courts under a bill that received final House approval Wednesday.

You don’t have to wear a cape to be a hero

    You don’t have to be from another planet or have a magic transformative word to be a super hero to your friends. Just help them choose a sober ride home. So many heroic options are available to prevent the dangerous and deadly act of driving under the influence of alcohol.