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House bill requires companies to prove they aren't boycotting Israel

By Ashlyn O’Hara and Maggie Duncan, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri businesses would need to provide written certification that they aren’t boycotting Israeli companies in order to sign contracts with the state.

State treasurer wants more reform before reviving low-income housing credits

By Tom Coulter, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — As members of the House discussed a plan to revive Missouri’s main low-income housing program during a Tuesday night hearing, everyone who testified seemed in agreement that the state should bring it back — until State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick spoke.

Fast-Track workforce grant slowed by GOP filibuster in Senate

BY NATASHA VYHOVSKY, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Progress on a bill creating the Fast-Track Workforce Incentive Grant — championed by Republican Gov. Mike Parson — was halted by a filibuster led by members of his own party Tuesday in the Senate.

Inspection of CAFOs, other animal operations would be curtailed by bill

JEFFERSON CITY — State and federal governments may soon be the only entities allowed to inspect and regulate health and environmental issues on Missouri farms that deal with livestock, poultry, dairy or egg production.

Effort to expand child abuse protection in schools passes House

By Natasha Vyhovsky, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — A bill that would expand child abuse protections and require sexual harassment training for students in sixth grade and older continues to make its way through the legislature.